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Sudahlah saatnya, para peneliti mengkaji permasalahan yang nyata bagi pelaku bidang tersebut,
bukan yang dianggap ada atau apa yang dianggap penting oleh para profesional [GLASER98, h. 116].

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Teori Beralas Ialah

  • a general method of comparative analysis [GLASERSTRAUSS67, p. 1].
  • a general method to use on any kind or mix of data, and it is particularly useful with qualitative data [GLASER98, pp. 40-41].
  • a general methodology of analysis linked with data collection that uses a systematically applied set of methods to generate an inductive theory about a substantive area [GLASER92, p. 16].
  • (a) self corrective (method) [GLASER98, p. 150].
  • an integrated set of conceptual hypotheses [GLASER98, p. 3].
  • based on a concept-indicator model, which directs the conceptual coding of a set of empirical indicators [GLASER78, p. 62].
  • based on a third level conceptual perspective analysis. The first level is the data. The second level perspective is the conceptualization of the data into categories and their properties [GLASER98, p. 136].
  • based on the systematic generating of theory from data, that itself is systematically obtained from social research [GLASER78, p. 2].
  • derived from data, and then illustrated by characteristic examples of data [GLASERSTRAUSS67, p. 5].
  • empirical [GLASER98, p. 91].
  • empowering [GLASER98, p. 89].
  • for complex, conceptual people who can pay attention to the data [GLASER98, p. 144].
  • -- I can see now -- an attempt by Barney Glaser and me (1967) to develop the methodological implications of this sociological scheme [STRAUSS91].
  • just another method among many [GLASER98, pp. 35, 41, 92].
  • just probability statements about the relationship between concepts [GLASER98, p 3].
  • learnable by anyone who will take the trouble to study its procedures and the experience them in research [GLASER92, p. 9].
  • multivariate [GLASER98, p. 1].
  • readily modifiable, but at the proper time [GLASER98, p. 75].
  • the systematic generation of theory from data acquired by a rigorous research method [GLASER98, p. 3].
  • (trying) to understand the action on a substantive area from the point of view of the actors involved [GLASER98, p. 115].
  • (using) Lazarsfeld's methods of elaboration analysis of quantitative data [GLASER96B, p. 120].

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Teori Beralas Bukanlah

  • findings [GLASER98, p. 3].
  • for everyone [GLASER98, p. 144].
  • invented [GLASER98, p. 4].
  • logical (deducted) [GLASER98, p. 91].
  • using incidents as evidence of findings [GLASER98, p. 113].
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  • All data of whatever type is grist for the mill of constant comparison to develop categories and their properties [GLASER92, p. 24].
  • Grounded Theory does not represent a change in philosophy and scientific thought [GLASER98, p. 44].
  • It requires some theoretical and social sensitivity, and the ability to maintain analytic distance, while at the same time drawing upon theoretical knowledge and astute powers of assimilation of data which allow concepts to emerge that patterns of data indicate [GLASER92, p. 12].
  • One does not enter the research area as a blank slate. Rather, the BSP conception provides the research with an initial focus without having to preconceive the eventual theory [BIGUSHADDGLAS94, p. 53].
  • One must discover their own pacing recipe for their research [GLASER98, p. 50].
  • Not everyone can be equally skilled at discovering theory, but neither do they need to be a genius to generate useful theory. [GLASERSTRAUSS67, p. viii].
  • Researchers should be sure of their ability to conceptualize and summarize [GLASER98, p. 49].
  • Social Life is not random... it exists as sets of behavioral uniformities, which occur and recur over time [BIGUSHADDGLAS94, p. 38], --> [cf. GIDDENS84A].
  • Taking a class on grounded theory is a good requisute begining, but does not make a grounded theorist [GLASER92, p. 17].
  • The world is empirically integrated, not logically modeled... whether the researcher likes it or not [GLASER98, p. 189].
  • This book is intended to underscore the basic sociological activity that only sociologist can do: generating sociological theory [GLASERSTRAUSS67, p. 6].
  • Today's grounded theory, however conceptual, can be tomorow's description, as people get familiar with the categories and use them to describe an area, rather than account for its action [GLASER98, p. 137].
  • What social research has to offer is virtually only conceptualization of what is going on. Other fields of inquiry and especially other agencies are usually better at description because they are better staffed and funded, whether newspaper journalization, polling organizations, legal practices, investigating agencies, or routine corporate research groups [GLASER98, p. 134].

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